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This is me:

I am a trained Fire Protection Engineer and Chemist and have for the last 30 years been active in different consulting companies.

My areas of expertise are safety and risk management in the manufacturing industry, with handling of flammables and combustible dust as my specialities. I have been Safety Adviser for dangerous goods and trained the rescue services how to respond to chemical accidents and dust explosions. I have also written several books on this topics.

I find entrepreneurship exciting and have over the years been cofunding Doctus AB, Øresund Safey Advisers and Process Safety Group.

Early in my career I met Professor Rolf Eckhoff, when we held training in Dust Explosions in the Process Industry, for the Swedish Fire Protection Association. We are talking in the eighties, last century… It was his enthusiasm and commitment that inspired me to continue to explore this area. Since then Dust Explosions has been a special interest for me.

Dust Explosions – A hidden danger

Dust Explosions occur all of a sudden, and often totally unexpected. This is because combustible dust is rarely considered a risk. Seemingly harmless substances as wood dust or food- and feed raw materials ”at rest” poses a potential explosion hazard when swirled up forming dust clouds. While gases fill space naturally, dust need ”a push” to get mowing and mix with air. Some metals are extremely reactive and have given rise to very serious explosions over the years.

I can help you with:

Counseling in conjunction with risk assessments, production of explosion protection documents, purchase and installation of new equipment etc.

Training of different kinds, preferably about Dust Explosions, but also safe handling of flammables and other chemicals lays within my field of expertise. I find customized and applied training very developing.

Investigations of incidents.

Dust Explosion




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